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Wash, Rinse & Wax
Foam Brush


Introducing Tap & Wash - 
a contacless payment solution!

Self Serve

We know what your car means to you. It’s where you drink your morning coffee. It’s where your friends and family pile in. It’s your second home.

And just like anything you want to keep in good condition, your vehicle is something that requires regular maintenance.

The Guilt-Free Car Wash!

We are a business that cares about the environment and strives for new ways to operate more sustainably. That's why we are supplying our car wash with ultra pure recycled water from our own water filling station. Our water is chlorine free & 100% recycled.

Advantages of a Self Serve Car Wash

There are all kinds of advantages to be enjoyed by using a self serve car wash. Here are a few of the benefits:

It's Easy!

With self serve, you don’t have to prepare anything, just show and start washing. You don’t have to worry about dragging out all your equipment + cleaning products like you do at home.

Professional Equipment

All the equipment you need will be ready to go!


The self serve option also allows flexibility, depending on your car wash needs. Whether you need a tough and intense cleaning, or just a mild wash, the choice is all yours.


You are in control of the entire operation! If you have an efficient system established, the whole process can be very quick and easy.

It's Fun!

A wash that was done by you. You can give your car the personal touch, the kind of clean that nobody else quite knows how to do. If it’s not done by you, it’s not been done properly. And for others, there is a sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with cleaning your own car, your own way. We get it. 

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