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Best Case | West Coast IPA Partial Mash

Best Case | West Coast IPA Partial Mash

Excluding GST/HST

Experience first hand, our biggest hop explosion. Here’s our version of this ‘full-on’ beer for ‘hopheads’. Not for the faint of heart. These “North American” style IPA’s are much more citrusy than their British cousins.


Best Case is a complete beer recipe, containing malt extract, crushed grains, steeping bag, hops, yeast and priming sugar. With easy to follow instructions, it has never been easier to brew your own delicious craft beer. All you need is a pot and regular beer fermenting equipment.

Become your own Brew Master and taste the difference that fresh ingredients make.


*Estimated alcohol contents for Best Case beer assume you are adding the priming sugar at bottling (which contributes approximately 0.3% alc./vol.)

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