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Cream Liqueur Base 400g

Cream Liqueur Base 400g

Excluding GST/HST

This base gives the ideal finished thickness and sweetness to cream liqueurs. Combine this with neutral spirit or vodka and your favourite cream liqueur flavouring for a taste experience inspired by a top shelf spirit.


This pack contains 400 g (14 oz). Packed in New Zealand.

Mixing Instructions

Add 250 ml (8.4 US fl oz) warm water to large mixing jug. Add contents very slowly while stirring thoroughly with a whisk. Add neutral spirit as indicated on flavour bottle & top up to 1.125 L (38 US fl oz) with water.

Ingredients / Allergens

Beverage whitener (vegetable fat, glucose syrup solids, milk protein, emulsifiers (E477, E471, E481), stabiliser (E340), salt), sugar, cream flavour (wheat, milk), acidity regulator (E331).

Allergens included: Wheat and milk.

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