IBC Tote - USED - 275 Gal

IBC Tote - USED - 275 Gal

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Save money, reduce environmental impact, and be prepared in emergency situations with rain-harvesting! Rain water can be collected from your downspout and be used for watering gardens, lawns, well replenishment, toilet flushing, bathing, dishes, laundry and more—whether it be at home or the cottage!

USED BOTTLE requires rinsing

- 275 US gallon / 1040 L capacity
- Dimensions: 40” W / 46” H / 48” L
- Weight is approximately 110-120 lbs
- 6” and 2” openings on the top
- 2” valve on the bottom for various attachments such as a garden hose or standard plumbing fittings
- Pallet style bottom pickup with standard forks; can enter from the side or front