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wine pouring into glass



For $50 we will handle the brewing process, 

all you need to do is bottle or bag it yourself



" RJS Craft Winemaking puts you in the creator’s seat, empowering you to discover the joy and pride of personal winemaking. Turning experiences into personalized creations for you to share with friends and family. From discovering the wine that rewards your taste profile, to a satisfying experience that continues beyond the store. We promise you a quality craft wine and exciting innovations, worthy of sharing again and again. "



We are a company that specializes in on premise brewing of wine, beer and cider kits. We also sell brewing supplies to the home brewer.

With over 100 wine kits to choose from, there is something for everyone

With over 15 years of experience, we can match any customers with their preferred wine. Come experience just how easy it is and join our community of wine lovers. Not sure where to start? Come in for a consultation and we will lend you our expertise. We have something to suit everyones palette.

Why make your own Wine at The Water Market?

Our wines are available at a price for everyone with wine kits starting at $66 for 30 bottles if you make your own. Add a processing fee for $50 (plus tax) and we will make it for you.
We have a large selection of globally sourced premium quality wines. Our suppliers go above and beyond when it comes selecting the best harvest.

Making your own wine is simple and affordable.  In 4-8 weeks you will be sipping a glass of wine you are proud of.

Plus: Wine making is a fun and educational experience.

How do I store my wine?

Store your wine bottles upright for three days to allow the corks to swell, then lay the bottles on their side to keep corks moist. Do not store your wine in extreme hot or cold. Store your wine in a cool and darks space at a moderate + constant temperature (13°-15°C).

Does aging improve my wine?

Aging premium wine kits adds aroma, flavour, character & quality. Higher juice to water ratio requires a longer aging time. Different kits require different aging times - speak to your wine representative about specific aging guidelines. 

Our Guarantee
If you make wine on-site with us and your are not 100% happy, we will make you another batch of similar value or refund your money. We simply ask you to do two things:
1. Let the wine age at least one month in the bottles before bringing it in.

2. Bring in a sample (bottle) for analysis to the store. If you would like to take advantage of our Quality Guarantee, we ask that you contact us within 3 months of bottling your wine.
We reserve the right to ask for the wine back. With this in mind we ask that you have at least 2/3 of the original batch of wine if you would like a replacement batch. We will also replace your bottles, corks and labels (if applicable). We cannot replace wine that has been discarded before you contact us. 

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